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EECS Open Access Proceedings

Volume 1 (2019), Pages 1-88

ISSN: 2641-9149, ISBN: 978-1-950467-00-6

ADCONS 2019 - 2019 5th International Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking and Security

Taiyuan, China, Jan 30 - 31, 2019


Guest Editor: Prof. Bo Wu, Harbin University of Science and Technology, China

Statement of Peer Review

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Table of Contents

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Research and Improvement of the Formula of Correlation Coefficient in Image Processing

Pan Liu, Xiliang Du

Published online: 2019-02-14

DOI: 10.33969/EECS.V1.001

Pages: 1-10, PDF | Abstract

A Spacecraft Attitude Tracking Control Method based on Disturbance Estimation

Guang Sun, Chunyang Zhang, Yongyuan Li

Published online: 2019-02-14

DOI: 10.33969/EECS.V1.002

Pages: 11-17, PDF | Abstract

Design of model reference adaptive control for fast steering mirror based on generalized error fast differential method

Ai Zhiwei, Ji Jianbo, Wang Pengju, Liang Ruijing, Zhu Hua

Published online: 2019-02-14

DOI: 10.33969/EECS.V1.003

Pages: 18-26, PDF | Abstract

Image information hiding based on Arnold scrambling and chaotic fusion algorithm

Jubao Qu, Hongtao Liang

Published online: 2019-02-14

DOI: 10.33969/EECS.V1.004

Pages: 27-31, PDF | Abstract

Clustering Analysis of Fusion Similarity Calculation and Improved Genetic Algorithm

Yuan Yao, Jin Feng

Published online: 2019-02-14

DOI: 10.33969/EECS.V1.005

Pages: 32-38, PDF | Abstract

Research on Calculation Method of Passing Capacity of High Speed Railway Station and Design of Simulation Process

Jiake Wu, Chao Zhang

Published online: 2019-02-14

DOI: 10.33969/EECS.V1.006

Pages: 39-44, PDF | Abstract

Exploration of Block Chain Technology in Data Security Field

Qiushuang Yan

Published online: 2019-02-14

DOI: 10.33969/EECS.V1.007

Pages: 45-51, PDF | Abstract

Research on Adaptive Equilibrium Scheduling Model of Big Data Based on Internet of Things Transmission

Fang Meng, Guogen Fan

Published online: 2019-02-14

DOI: 10.33969/EECS.V1.008

Pages: 52-59, PDF | Abstract

Research on Virtualization Security Technology in Cloud Computing Environment

Liang Hao, Bo Li, Kai Li, and Ruosi Cheng

Published online: 2019-02-14

DOI: 10.33969/EECS.V1.009

Pages: 60-67, PDF | Abstract

Dense clutter multi-target tracking algorithm based on improved fuzzy clustering data association

Xuchao Kang, Guangjun He

Published online: 2019-02-14

DOI: 10.33969/EECS.V1.010

Pages: 68-76, PDF | Abstract

Research and Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Vision System and Network

Li Kaiyue, Liu Lei

Published online: 2019-02-14

DOI: 10.33969/EECS.V1.011

Pages: 77-82, PDF | Abstract

Reactive power optimization and fault analysis based on intelligent distribution network simulation platform

Hejin Liu, Di Fan, Yang Liu, Guoqiang Su, Feng Wang

Published online: 2019-02-14

DOI: 10.33969/EECS.V1.012

Pages: 83-88, PDF | Abstract