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Publishing Fees

All articles published in our journals are open access and freely available online, immediately upon publication. IEC, as an Open Access publisher, offsets all the costs associated with our high-quality publishing service through Article Processing Charges (APCs): articles that are accepted for publication by our external editors following rigorous peer review incur a publishing fee charged to authors, institutions or funders.

Article Submission Fees: Free of Charge

Article Processing Charge (APC): Free of Charge

The final invoice will be issued in case your article is accepted for publication. APCs are payable within 30 days of the final invoice date.

  1. IEC Fees Support for Authors

    The APC income generated also provides for assistance to those authors unable to pay publication fees. From the beginning, IEC has offered authors support to ensure that financial barriers do not prevent quality research benefiting from Open Access publication. There are a number of options for authors to fund APCs through either funder, institutional and publisher initiatives. IEC provides the following:

    • IEC Institutional Partnerships

      As Open Access mandates are growing, many institutions, funding agencies and foundations have created Open Access Funds to pay APCs. IEC is working with libraries, funding agencies and research consortia to find ways to remove some or all of the responsibility for APCs from individual authors. Being an IEC Institutional partner, individual authors will have right to remove all of the responsibility for APCs. Please let us know by email [email protected], if you are interested in the IEC Institutional Partnerships.

    • IEC fee-waiver program

      IEC is committed to help researchers overcome any financial barriers to publication. In cases where authors do not have the means to pay the APCs, they can apply for full or partial waivers. Please contact us by email [email protected], and allow up to one week for IEC to review and reply to your request.

      IMPORTANT: Authors wishing to apply for a waiver must do so before, or immediately after, their manuscript is submitted to avoid delays in the event that your article is accepted. Decisions to accept articles are made by external editors solely based on objective review criteria, and information about waiver applications are not disclosed to the editors or reviewers.

    Authors may also find further Open Access funding opportunities on the Open Access directory list of OA publication funds.

  2. IEC Fees Support Premium Services

    IEC offsets the costs associated with our high-quality publishing service through APCs in order to provide free access to the scholarly literature, while authors retain the copyright of their work. The IEC APCs pay for the people who run our editorial programs and build our technology – allowing us to deliver premium services. Below are in brief some of the services that we provide.

    IEC Science Platform: A scalable publishing engine supporting every phase of the publishing process, including registration, submission, review, publication, and so on.

    Collaborative Peer Review: Our collaborative review system enables direct interaction between authors and reviewers and facilities rigorous, efficient, and transparent peer review to ensure quality publications.

    Quality Control: We employ dedicated teams to support our editors and reviewers in the review process and with our IT teams continuously translate quality checks into automated software that checks for plagiarism, conflicts-of-interest, flagged content amongst others.

    Reviewer Recommendations: Our powerful reviewer recommendation for editors using our extensive reviewer database.

    Article Collection Management System: The system enables leading researchers to host and manage themed article collections across journals spotlighting hot research areas.

    Journal Management: IEC editors grow world-class journals through their dedicated management platform, overseeing efficiently the review process, tracking journal performance and safeguarding the quality of the content.

    Research Dissemination: Designed to maximise impact for articles and authors, our network provides online profiles for authors, reviewers and editors showcasing publications, collaborations, editorial contributions, including reviewer recognition on every article, and impact. In addition, we deposit articles in some major databases and indexes, as well as archive them for permanent storage.

    Community Support: We acknowledge the work of editors through honoraria, and provide a flexible and inclusive waiver program for authors. In addition, we subsidise journals in new fields and areas that have lower research budgets.

    If you would like to learn more about Open Access publishing, we encourage you to read some of the great resources provided by Budapest Open Access Initiative in 2002.