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About Us

The Institute of Electronics and Computer (IEC) is a leading scientific membership society working to advance electronics and computer for the benefit of all.

We have a worldwide membership from enthusiatic amateurs to those at the top of their fields in academia, business, education and government.

Our purpose is to gather, inspire, guide, represent and celebrate all who share a passion for electronics and computers. And, in our role as a charity, we are here to ensure that electronics and computer delivers on its exceptional potential to benefit society.

Alongside professional support for our members, we engage with policymakers and the public to increase awareness and understanding of the value that electronics and computer holds for all of us.

With a portfolio including journals, book series, and conference proceedings, we focus on electronics, computer, astronomy and astrophysics, environmental sciences, biosciences, mathematics and education.

IEC Science also publishes on behalf of other scientific organisations and represents their needs and those of their members.


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